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AC Steam Cleaning – HVAC Steam Cleaning and HVAC Chemical Wash
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What is AC steam cleaning?

The working of AC depends on two coils that are condenser coil and evaporator coil. The evaporator coil is cold that provides indoor cooling whereas condenser coil warm coil that rejects the outside heat. If they stop or get dirty, AC will not work or provide pollutant air.

There are various cleaning agents for the coil but keeping away with the chemicals; Kumarac NYC provides AC steam cleaning. It is an eco-friendly solution for cleaning HVAC systems over the conventional method of chemical cleaning. Here, we use high pressure of steam to clean the coils and provide a healthy breathing environment.

We have a team of experts with the right equipment and tools to clean the coils in minimum time.

Benefits of AC steam cleaning

Chemical-free and safe – The steam cleaning is a natural form of cleaning and very environment-friendly to use. There are no use chemicals so it is safe for your health. You can frequently get it done without any harmful effects and destruction to the environment.

Thorough cleaning – Unlike other AC cleaning processes, steam cleaning provides the most effective and productive result. The high pressure of the steam removes every small dirt particles from the coil and duct which sometimes are left behind in the chemical cleaning.

No harmful build-up – The leftover chemicals in other cleaning processes slowly build-ups and create a bad harmful stack. In case, it goes on increasing, it will be harmful and difficult to clean at the later stage. So, steam cleaning removes everything at one go.

Reduced chances of corrosion – With no use of chemicals and water, there are no leftovers which reduce the chances of corrosion. So, the use of steam cleaning keeps the AC away from defects and makes it durable for a longer time.

Strong with the quality result – The use of steam cleaning provides quality result it rapidly kills 99.9% of germs and microscopic organisms. The process is very strong because it cleans the tiniest organism and makes the appliance perfect for use.


Why you should not avoid steam cleaning?

As compared to other AC cleaning processes, steam cleaning is costly because it works with strong tools but without chemicals. Due to this reason, you might feel to avoid the same but we strictly recommend that you must go for steam cleaning every 3-4 years. If you forget or intentionally avoid, it will be a huge burden on you as it will increase your repair and maintenance cost.

You can opt for timely AC cleaning with other process but should not forget steam cleaning for the efficient result.

Steam cleaning is all about inputs from the professional cleaners and use of the advanced tools which you will find in Kumarac NYC. We work with the scheduled module after knowing the specific requirements from you and provide a satisfactory solution. Our team is qualified, trained and highly-experienced in steam cleaning. We will work on your AC to make it work efficiently and run a longer period.