AC Repair

Air Conditioning System Repair In Manhattan, NY and NYC

It can be difficult to tell whether or not you’re experiencing a true emergency when it comes to your AC system. Sometimes delaying repairs can further exacerbate the issue causing far more damage. At COOLAIR NYC, our friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable technicians are experts when it comes to quick troubleshooting. We have well over 10 years of combined experience. Therefore, you can always count on us to get the cooling back on when you need it the most! Some of the most common components and issues we troubleshoot or repair include:

• All Air Conditioner COMPONENTS
• Air Filter Replacement
• Air Handler Repair
• Compressor Repair
• Condenser & Coil Replacement
• AC Controls & Switches
• Thermostat Switch Repairs
• Evaporator Coil Repair
• Coil Cleaning & Washing
• Dehumidification Inspection
• Duct System Repair & Inspection
• Electric Motor Diagnostics
• Expansion Valve Repair
• Fan & Air Handler – Blower Unit
• Fan-Compressor & Condenser Repair
• Fan-Convector Heating-Hydronic Coil Repair or Replacement
• Frost Build-Ups on AC Coils
• Refrigeration Gauge Pressure Diagnostics
• Humidly Levels
• Cooling Capacity
• AC Noise Repair
• Air Flow Odor Repair
• Operating Temperature Inspection
• Pressure Diagnostics
• Thermostatic Expansion Valve Repair & Replacement

At COOLAIR NYC we understand the stress of having down machinery. Call us today so that we help with your commercial air conditioning repairs.

We’re On Your Side

During times of HVAC malfunction it’s a serious concern for your business. The comfort of everyone inside your facility is hinged upon the health of your air conditioning system.  You need great air conditioning just like Air Repair needs great customers. Whether you have a central air, ductless split, mini split, chiller or another system we have the experience to get you back up and running with ease.