Winter Storage

Air Conditioner Winter Storage Services

• We remove the air conditioner from the window in the Fall.
• Unit is then transported to our shop.
• We will inspect the unit to ensure proper operation and cooling.
• Freon level is checked and replaced if needed this is to ensure maximum cooling.
• Unit is then steam cleaned with our environmentally safe cleaning agents..
• Motors are oiled.
• Unit is sealed for storage.
• Prior to return we will again check the air conditioning unit.
• Unit is returned and sealed back into window.

Benefits of Air Conditioner Winter Storage

• Extended unit life.
• No drafts in room.
• Lower heating bills.
• More Storage space.
• Professional Install.
• Cooler Summers.
• Cleaner Air.
• New Filter (applies to Foam Filters).
• Removal of Mold.

Window air conditioner? AC Winter Storage is the solution!
Residential HVAC Maintenance New York

People living in high rise buildings, especially in New York, often complain of cold drafts coming into their apartments during winter time. This can be an everyday problem with different solutions. AC Winter Storage, an off-site solution, is most effective in terms of the budget and peace of mind. Before hiring a contractor for winter storage, You must consider a well-trained, professional and certified Installers for this service. Every air conditioner has to go through a proper wither storage process. Installers must have OSHA certification in general and NYCDOB requires a Scaffold user certification if using a ladder of 6 feet or more.
NYC Residential Air Conditioner Repair Cooling Heating Service
NYC Residential Air Conditioner Repair Cooling Heating Service

COOLAIR NYC installers posses these required certifications whenever they are on the job.

Window air conditioners are often removed and stored elsewhere and COOLAIR NYC offers storage options including pick up and delivery. We clean your Air Conditioners and seal it in a plastic wrap through the winter.

We service your units and make sure that when we deliver it back to you it's working and ready to keep you cool. We service all types of air conditioners such as: Friedrich, Frigidaire, General Electric, Ice Air, Isalndaire, Danby